(1-8-21) From the Adams County Sheriff’s Department

It is with great pride that the Adams County Sheriff’s Office is announcing the retirement of K-9 Kaja. Kaja has been with the Office for the last 8 years. He has served with his handler Deputy James Franze. The retirement of Kaja will also be the last K-9 partner for Deputy Franze ending his 25 years as a K-9 handler. Kaja was Deputy Franze third and final police K-9 partner. Deputy Franze and Kaja were a great working team. They accomplished many goals together. The following are some of their stats over their time together:

1) 25 tracks-catching 3 felony suspects and also located one elderly Alzheimer’s subject.
2) Assisted other agencies 740 times
3) Building searches 46 times
4) K-9 demonstrations 37 times educating general citizens about the K-9
5) Kaja searched 722 vehicles
6) Searched jail cells 25 times
7) The team seized $87,920.00 worth of street drugs, the drugs were marijuana, cocaine, meth and heroin, ecstasy and crack cocaine.
8) Seized $6,000.00 in U.S. currency

In 2012 Deputy Franze retired from the Decatur Police Department and joined the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. He was then selected as the Sheriff’s Office K-9 handler and Deputy Franze selected Kaja from a kennel out of Indianapolis, IN.

Franze says being a K-9 handler was the BEST job he has ever done in his law enforcement career. Franze also wanted to THANK his fellow Officers for their never ending assistance by laying tracks and hiding in buildings for training. Franze says the K-9 is only as good as the handler, and Franze attributes this also with the assisting officers in helping by being a chew toy in training his K-9 partners over the past 25 years.

Deputy Franze also wanted to thank his wife Cheryl and daughter Emily for 25 years of being a part of his K-9 teams. Family has to put up with the K-9 at home and call outs in the middle of the night. Without having their blessing this would have not been possible.

K-9 Kaja was retired on Dec 31, 2020 due to some health problems and will continue living with Deputy Franze and his wife (the treat lady). Deputy Franze will end his involvement working K-9s but will continue working at the Sheriff Office as a road Deputy and working narcotics investigations.
The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Deputy Franze for his work with Kaja over the last 8 years. A K-9 handler is the most demanding job in law enforcement, the handler is always responsible for his partner. The bond between a handler and his partner is one of the most powerful that exists in law enforcement. Kaja will be missed.

The Adams County Sheriff Office would like the public to know that it’s K-9 program is funded completely by donations. The Adams County Council allows NO money to be spent on the K-9 program to come from the County’s general funds. The Sheriff’s Office will be accepting any donations for the need to replace Kaja. The Sheriff’s Office will need to raise approximately $15,00.00 dollars to purchase and train a new K-9 and Handler. Donations can be sent to the Adams County Sheriff Office or the Adams County Community Foundation. All donation are tax deductible.