from the Celina Police Department

(12-18-20) On Thursday, December 10, 2020, the Celina Police Department conducted compliance checks on local businesses selling nicotine vaping products. These were done as a result of ongoing complaints from citizens of local businesses selling the products to underage persons. Ohio law does not allow the sale of nicotine products including tobacco and other products commonly referred to as Vapes.

This investigation involved the Celina P.D. using an adult employee under 21 years old. The employee went into various businesses around the city and attempted a straight forward purchase of vaping products.

We are happy to report that both Eastown Party Mart, which is the Shell on Grand Lake Rd and Celina Party Mart, which is the Shell on S. Main St., both properly declined to sell to the underage informant.

We were disappointed that seven other businesses checked did sell the products illegally. They include Marathon Gas on N. Main St, Celina Sunoco on E Market St., Docksiders Marathon on S. Main St., Dockside Marathon on E. Market St., Lester’s Tobacco Shack on E. Market St., Grand Lake Vapor on S Main St and Epic Vapes on Havemann Rd.Charges have been filed on all seven clerks who sold the products.

They were served summons in lieu of arrest for the violations which are misdemeanors of the fourth degree. A repeat violation is a misdemeanor of the third degree and would likely result in arrest.These tobacco laws are in place for the health and welfare of our youth and are taken seriously by the Celina Police Department.

We will continue do compliance checks. They will be done with more frequency and repeat violators will likely face arrest and incarceration.