Fairmount – (12-16-20) Yesterday at approximately 12:21 p.m., officers from the Indiana State Police and the Fairmount Police Department responded to a reported shooting at a home on 1500 North Main Street, Lot 15, Fairmount, IN, in which a two-year-old boy died.

The preliminary investigation by Indiana State Police Detective Josh Maller revealed that Caci Seals, 22, a resident of 1500 North Main Street, Lot 15, Fairmount, IN, was feeding her infant child in a front room. Leighton Owings, Seals two-year-old son, was in a bedroom. Owings gained access to a loaded Ruger nine-millimeter handgun. Evidence indicates the boy pulled the trigger on the Ruger and was struck by a single bullet.

Owings was transported by ambulance to Marion General Hospital. Despite life saving medical care, Owings succumbed to his injury.

This is an ongoing investigation. No further information will be released at this time.

At the conclusion of Detective Maller’s investigation, a report will be forwarded for review to the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office.