(12-5-20) 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate John Delaney wants to give you a stimulus check of $1,500 if you get the COVID 19 vaccination.

Delaney said in an interview with CNBC.com

“The faster we get 75 percent of this country vaccinated, the faster we end Covid and the sooner everything returns to normal,”

He went on to say –

“We have to create, in my judgment, an incentive for people to really accelerate their thinking about taking the vaccine,

It’s not like we don’t pull levers to get people vaccinated. We do that now.”

In the U.S. it is already required to get some vaccinations in order for children to attend school.

According tot CNBC story – the government could create a system where people would receive a number once they were vaccinated. Once they enter that # along with their Social Security number, they would receive a check. Nothing was mentioned if only those who get the shots, while those who don’t get will not get a check.

This week three former US Presidents say they will get the vaccine and do it on film, if that helps, to promote getting the shot.

Recent studies released not all Americans are in favor getting the shot. Ohio and Mercer County Health District officials are presently discussing procedures to make the shots available as soon as possible to the public.