(9-9-20) According to an email sent to media today… Celina City School Food Service Supervisor, Deb Schroyer, has received confirmation today that all Celina City Schools students are now eligible to receive free breakfasts and free lunches through December 31, 2020.

This is an extension of the summer meal program which Celina City Schools made available to all students in 2020.

From Coldwater Schools:

The USDA announced on September 3, that all schools are eligible to serve free lunch and breakfast to all students until the end of December or until funds run out.   

Here are some FAQ’s:  –

When does this start? It started September 8 for Coldwater Schools. –

Do we still need to send money? Yes if you have a charge or if you want your child to get extras.  –

Will I get a refund of my child’s account?  No because we will start using those funds again in January.  –

What if my child already gets free meals? They will not notice any difference.  –

Are adults included? No they are not.