(7-14-20) According to the U.S. Geological Survey, two small earthquake occurred just northeast of Anna on Tuesday afternoon around 2:41pm (2020-07-14 18:41:28.571 UTC ). The quake registered as 2.4 and 1.8 on the magnitude scale.

The depth of the quake was more than 7 miles below the surface. Based on the lack of reports, 6 responses, it’s possible the quake occurred and may not have been felt by many of the residents in the area.

According to an Anna schools web page-

The March 9 quake of 1937 rocked the small village of Anna, giving it a permanent nickname–“The Earthquake Capital of Ohio”

Modern science today, however, has a different approach towards explaining the Anna earthquakes. The village of Anna lies directly on the Greenville Fault. This geological feat of nature extends from Toledo, southward through Anna, Greenville, Cincinnati, and then directs itself through Kentucky all the way to the border of Tennessee. Mr. Michael Hansen, a member of the Ohio Geological Survey, estimates that “the faults under Anna go about five kilometers down into the layer of igneous rock that underlies the entire state of Ohio” (Vonada 45). Scientifically, the Greenville fault is the best explanation for Anna’s shaky past. Although, an ancient body of water might have had a part to play also.