(6-30-20) The Outlook received the following email this morning (along with other comments) concerning a recent stabbing that recently took place in Van Wert.

Regarding the write up on Josh Dangler’s stabbing. How come there’s no mention of it being a hate crime, as his father says. I think a follow up story on how thousands of people across the globe are rallying in support of his heroic actions, would be a great feel good follow up to the story.

Unless it’s BS. Well, then that would be an even more amazing story.

The story is starting to receive some national attention and comments on the above Facebook posting that have become combative on both sides –

From an Atlanta, Georgia comment –

Weird that you are a trump supporter whose entire fb page is dedicated to bash liberals and now you come to us asking for money? This story just doesn’t smell right.

From a Bronx, NY comment –

Your son is a HERO in my book! He’s not white or black! He’s what’s call a decent human being with a blessed and awesome soul and spirit!

Interest has been shown by several media sources including – Daily Mail TV (NYC) and blog sites like Lipstick Alley.

David Hecox of Pittsfield, Illinois was charged in the incident with with a 2nd degree felony of Felonious Assault, on June 26th and was taken to the Van Wert County Correctional Facility.

The Van Wert Police Department is still investigating the incident from last week.


UPDATED 7-3-20

Hecox was indicted on a charge of attempted murder, a felony of the first degree.