Christopher Summers
Christopher Summers

(6-18-20) Louis Sirken, an attorney for Charles Summers, the father of Christopher Summers, filed a response brief to the Ohio Supreme Court in a case involving a request by Summers for records in his son’s case. Christopher was a former Fort Recovery teacher, was convicted of sexual battery in 2013 with a female student.

Portion of response

summers response

COMPLETE FILING response brief filed yesterday with the Ohio Supreme Court

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In April, the Ohio Supreme Court ordered prosecutors to turn over the documents. In his filing, Fox cited federal law granting a rape victim a fundamental right to privacy. Summers’ attorney Louis Sirken filed a brief Wednesday in the Ohio Supreme Court.

The Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office filed a document on May 28th stating their case:

In a statement to WCSM, Mercer County Prosecutor Matt Fox stated-

“The Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office continues to be steadfast in our position, which is to protect victims of sexual assault from harassment by their perpetrators, the perpetrator’s family or his designee. The Mercer County Prosecutor’s office will continue to advocate for the rights of victims.”