(6-8-20) The following was submitted to the Outlook from the Mercer County Republican Party –

On May 27, 2020, the Mercer County Republican Party held a vote to approve the sending of the attached letter to voice concerns and frustrations in the Governor’s handling of the COVID situation. The motion to approve sending the letter was quickly made and seconded. GOP members expressed their deep approval of the sentiments in the letter and the motion unanimously passed. Following the passage of the letter, other counties expressed their desire to sign onto the letter. As the letter states, Ohio residents are becoming increasingly frustrated with the Governor’s widening regulations and restrictions on businesses and residents’ daily lives. People are upset because these restrictions are grounded neither in science NOR common sense. The letter was sent to Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted and no response has been given at this time. Additional counties have expressed their desire to send additional letters to Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted.


Rick Delzeith, Mercer County Republican Party Chair

Greg Homan, Mercer County Republican Party Vice Chair


Dear Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted:

Thank you for your time to speak with leaders from the Ohio Republican Party Committee on Tuesday, May 5. Given the limited time, much of the dialogue we were anticipating could not occur.

Thus, many of the concerns and questions from our region in Western Ohio were left unasked and unanswered.

Yet, what we heard was enough.

Our counties in Ohio represent some of the most conservative voters in Ohio. We are proud of our values that are largely based in faith, family, and our work. Nearly 80% of our citizens identify with the Republican Party.

We are GOP faithful- the same men and women you count on to vote Republican in every election and the same voters who must be motivated to turn out at 80-90% in order to offset the guaranteed losses in Democratic strongholds elsewhere.

We are the base of the Republican party, and we feel it is time to wave the warning flag.

Over the past ten weeks, we have watched the public sentiment slowly erode. Your early interventions were based on the science and models you had on-hand at the time, and these precautions were supported and applauded.

However, we now know much more than we did in March, and have watched your public health orders assault the very values we spoke about above.

Our manufacturing base has shuttered, our rural health systems have been forced into lay-offs, and our small businesses are on the brink of financial collapse while the actual viral impact has been minimal to the vast majority our citizens.

Your broad stroke policies simply do not work for communities like ours, and the repercussions cannot be ignored.

Too many of our fellow Republicans are angry, disappointed, and dismayed at the big government approach you continue to take to a problem that no longer requires such intrusive methods.

As a core tenet of our platform, we understand the huge role that personal responsibility plays in freedom and liberty.

Yet, your administration has proven time and time again to be out of alignment with this simple- but profound- philosophy.

You may not see it now, but we do. You have disappointed your party faithful. As party leaders in our respective counties, we are telling you that the damage you are doing economically is translating politically. We implore you to work with our legislative leaders, to use best practices gleaned from surrounding states, and to allow personal responsibility to once again liberate all Ohioans.


  • Mercer County Republican Party
  • Darke County Republican Party Central Committee
  • Shelby County Republican Party
  • Williams County Republican Party
  • Van Wert County Republican Party
  • Preble County Republican Party Executive Committee