Mercer County Health District COVID-19 Situation Update – June 5, 2020


CELINA- The Mercer County Health District (MCHD) reports five new confirmed COVID 19 cases. Two new confirmed cases were reported in Auglaize County.

  • 222nd confirmed case is a female in the age range of 50-60 years.
  • 223rd confirmed case is a female in the age range of 0-10 years.
  • 224th confirmed case is a female in the age range of 90-100 years.
  • 225th confirmed case is a male in the age range of 70-80 years of age.
  • 226th confirmed case is a female in the age range of 80-90 years.

All individuals are self-isolating at home.

June 5, 2020, the MCHD reports 226 confirmed cases, 161 recovered cases, 41 pending cases, 796 negative cases, 8 hospitalizations, and 8 deaths of COVID-19.

Outbreak Updates

MCHD continues to monitor the outbreaks in Mercer County. At Cooper Farms‘ St. Henry Processing Plant, there are 64 confirmed Mercer county COVID-19 cases, 8 confirmed cases from surrounding counties, 2 pending cases, 59 Mercer County recovered cases, and 48 negative cases of COVID-19.

At this time, there are 29 confirmed cases of COVID-19 connected to the outbreak at The Gardens of St. Henry. There are 14 confirmed staff members, 14 confirmed residents, and 1 former resident. There is 1 pending case, and 9 of the employees have recovered.

There are 8 confirmed cases at the Gardens at Celina. There are 5 confirmed residents and 3 confirmed employees. There are also 7 pending cases.

Last week, Governor DeWine announced the testing of all staff at long term care facilities. The National Guard will be assisting with this process. At this time, the testing timeline has been delayed, and MCHD is not aware of when the testing will happen. Residents can be tested with a doctor’s order.

Antibody testing is now available at Mercer Health Hospital and Joint Township District Memorial Hospital. The purpose of the test is to determine whether a person has had COVID-19 in the past. The immunity benefits are not known yet. The MCHD will begin reporting positive antibody testing results as probable cases.

Beginning Saturday, June 6, the MCHD will no longer be doing press releases on the weekends or holidays, unless the information is warranted. However, our daily numbers will still be released on our Mercer County Ohio Health District Facebook page. The dashboard will be updated Monday through Friday at 4:00 PM. The dashboard is at

Auglaize County

June 5, 2020, the Auglaize County Health Department (ACHD), reports 80 total cases (71 confirmed and 9 probable), 11 hospitalizations, 52 recovered cases, and 3 deaths of COVID-19. Of the 80 cases, 56 cases are female (70%) and 24 cases are male (30%) with an average age of 55. Data reported is cumulative over the course of this outbreak.

  • 79th case is an 88 year old female that is self-isolating at home.
  • 80th case is a 79 year old female that has recovered.