(5-3-20) In a release today the Preble County Public Health says it will enforce the ‘Stay Safe Order’ enacted by the State.

This comes after a Friday meeting where the Preble County Commissioners deemed all businesses as essential and encouraged them to reopen ‘if they are able‘. In a WRGT story today Commissioner Denise Robinson said they did not pass a resolution on the item. She also added that any businesses such as hair salons that receive licenses from state boards should consult with them before opening because it could result in the license being revoked.

Preble County Commissioner
Preble County Commissioner Denise Robertson

Commissioner Robinson ended with this thought –

“They really don’t have a legal standpoint to enforce these orders. The General Assembly creates the laws and the health department enforces them.”

The answers to that will come in the days and weeks to come as pressure mounts from different areas of the state to reopen Ohio.