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(5-2-20)  Friday morning in a special 9am meeting the Preble County Commissioners designated all of the businesses in the county as being essential. The Commissioners made the move shortly after Governor Mike DeWine extended the stay at home order late Thursday night until May 29th.

Preble County Commissioner
Preble County Commissioner Denise Robertson

County Commissioner Denise Robertson –

“I am declaring all of our businesses essential. I will support 100 percent if a business decides to open.

They know what they’re doing, I trust our businesses. I trust these people.”

According to the WHIO TV report, violators could face charges, but Preble County Sheriff said he will not take anyone out of their business.

The State has not issued a comment on the Commissioner’s decision.

Preble County COVID 19 Statistics

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The COVID 19 statistics show that Preble County is not an Ohio ‘hot’ spot for the virus. Those who disagree with the Governor’s extended stay at home order often come from smaller rural communities who have seen the impact like the larger urban areas.

COVID 19 Stats

Where is Preble County

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