(3-17-20) Beware of robbery suspects according to the Celina Police Department who say they are employed by the City of Celina.

From Celina Police Department –

There has been a recent robbery in the county with involving persons purporting to be City of Celina employees in order to gain entry on the the residence.

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Celina City Employees will be in clearly marked City of Celina vehicles. They have the City logo prominently displayed along with which department they work for, such as electric, meter reading, water, wastewater, etc. The only plain or unmarked vehicles the City of Celina uses are police or City Administration.

The employee will also carry a City ID, which is generally green or yellow, has the City logo, employee photo and their position with the City.

If someone comes to your door claiming to be a City of Celina employee, look at their car and you may ask to see their I.D. If your are in doubt, call either the Celina Police Department at 419-586-2345 or the Celina Utilities at 419-586-2311 to confirm the person is a Celina City Employee there on City business.