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(3-15-20) Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced Sunday afternoon that all restaurants and bars will close tonight at 9pm for the immediate future to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

All restaurants with delivery and carry-out options will be able to remain open.

DeWine said he came to the decision after being contacted by citizens around the state sharing photos and stories of crowded bars Saturday night, despite warnings of social distancing and the governor’s edict limiting crowds to no larger than 100 people.

DeWine said-

“Based upon all of this and based upon the fact of where we are at this point, in this pandemic — we are literally at a crucial, crucial, crucial stage — Dr. Acton will be signing an order that all bars in the state and all restaurants will close at 9 o’clock tonight.”

No date has been established when this order will be stopped.

Illinois will also follow the same example starting on March 17th.