Esther Stephen and Shelby Hiestand
Esther Stephen and Shelby Hiestand

UPDATED – Details of the The Plot

According to an affidavit both Stephen and Hiestand “admitted that they had conspired together to murder Shea Briar on Jan. 11-12.”

Stephen “was angry with (Briar) because he had recently initiated court proceedings to establish parenting time rights for their minor child and petitioned the court to change the child’s last name.”

Authorities said Stephen allegedly went to Hiestand’s home to pick up a .22-caliber rifle and ammunition. The two women then left Stephen’s daughter with a friend late on Saturday night, and Stephen called Briar shortly after midnight and invited him to “hang out.”

When  Briar and Stephen walked away from the vehicle, authorities said, Hiestand — as planned — removed the rifle from the rear of their vehicle and shot Briar once in the back.  A Monday autopsy indicated that Briar died as a result of a “gunshot wound entering his right mid-back (that) penetrated his heart.”

(1-15-20) The Jay County’s Prosecutor’s office says Esther Stephen (31) and Shelby Hiestand (18) were arrested for murder in the death of Shea Briar. All three are listed as being residents of Portland. Briar’s body was found in rural Bryant on Sunday.

Jay Circuit Court documents show Briar filed a child custody lawsuit in November  against Stephen in November over a child. Briar intended to establish paternity for the child, petitioned for child custody, and filed to provide support, parenting time and a name change for the child.

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Both were formally charged with murder late Wednesday morning in Jay Circuit Court. Stephen and Hiestand are being held at the Jay County Security Center without bond.