(12-16-19) The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office announced the recent hiring of Deputy Madison Garland, Deputy Kent Taylor, and Deputy Chasta Driskell.

Madison Garland.jpg

Deputy Madison Garland began working for our agency on November 17, 2019 as a corrections officer in our detention facility. Prior to coming to our office she was a manager at a local tanning salon in Greenville. She graduated college with an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice Science and Corrections. Madison resides in Greenville with her husband Kyle and their chinchilla named Castle. What she most enjoys about her job here is getting the chance to offer positivity to inmates regardless of what they have done. In her spare time, she likes listening to music and spending time with her husband. Something you might not know about Madison, is she has a bucket list is filled with places she want to travel. Alaska and Paris are her top two. Alaska because of the beauty and adventure, and Paris to visit Jim Morrison’s grave.

Kent Taylor

Deputy Kent Taylor began working for our agency on November 18, 2019 as a transport deputy in our civil division. Prior to coming over to the Sheriff’s Office, he worked at the Celina Police Department for 25+ years; 12 years as a Patrol Sergeant. He resides in Celina with his wife Lori, their two children Krystal Jahnigen and son Dustin Taylor, and their 3 pit bulls. Deputy Taylor says he doesn’t mind the driving and the transport officer position seems to suit him. He had known several of the employees of the Sheriff’s Office from his time working at Celina PD and the transition is going well. In his free time he enjoys watching Ohio State football, and likes to get out on his Harley Davidson when he can. One thing you might not know about Kent is that while in the United States Navy, he made the trip around the entire globe by age 20 and went to Paris France during that time.

Chasta Driskell

Deputy Chasta Driskell began working for our agency on November 19, 2019 as a corrections officer in our detention facility. Before she began at our office she previously worked at Magic Tan and Rest Haven. Chasta resides in Greenville and will be attending college in 2020 for Criminal Justice. Deputy Driskell said that she most enjoys being able to help the inmates out as much as possible. The best part about working here is her co-workers, as they are very caring, and easy to get along with. In her free time she makes it a priority to spend a lot of time with my family. Something you might not know about Chasta is that she graduated from Ansonia High School, and played 6 years of volleyball in elementary and middle school.