(12-10-19) Yesterday a story was released on a supposed drug bust in the area via a web site – https://pranksocial.com –  that story was shared or posted on numerous social web sites, including Twitter and Facebook pages.


From the above web site  https://pranksocial.com

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The release came from the site – https://channel45news.com/ – which is operated by the the above prank web site, not by the Channel 45 in Dayton, which some presumed was the case. The release created for this posting looked like those sent out by law enforcement officials in detail and included an area drug task force as being the arresting unit and named a local person as being arrested. This was suppose to be a joke or a prank, but it was not taken that way by many who saw it or received it.

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From the web site

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Check the four example prank stories on the https://channel45news.com/ site.

No word yet on who originally posted the story on the prank site and then released it on social media, if you have any information on this story please contact local authorities. This site does not seem to have an age requirement to post a story, plus it is quite simple to create a post.