(12-9-19) Today a posting on our site reported a drug bust in Celina, shortly after that story was posted we were informed by many that it was a ‘hoax’ and was started as a joke. As soon as the Outlook learned about this information we deleted the story from our site and apologize for this mistake.

The story was published by some other media sites, if you see the story posted on their sites please let them know of the situation. Many items like this cross the paths of media sites.

If you know of the person(s) involved in starting this situation please contact your local authorities. The release was made to look like it came from the proper sources and police officials.

Celina Police Department Facebook Posting

The Celina Police Department would like people to be careful what you believe and pass around on social media. There is a post circulating today about a man in Celina be arrested for possessing large amounts of narcotics. This one references the Grand Lake Drug Task Force siezing 57 pounds of fentanyl, MDMA, LSD, cocaine, etc. This post was made to look like it came from a major new organization.

This is completely false and has no merit. People making such posts, even as a joke, should be cautioned against libelous or slanderous posts. Even if not a criminal violation the victims of such posts may seek a civil remedy in court.