(10-16-19) Earlier today a Letter to the Editor was posted on the Outlook (this information had already been posted on Regandenz’ Facebook page on Tuesday night). The letter concerned a situation with the Celina CVS and local veteran Larry Regendanz. Regandanz’s mother wanted to reproduce his military photo which he had forward to CVS..

A confrontation at the store concerning the reproduction of the photo happened after Regendanz was informed they would not do that, that would lead to the CVS store manager calling the Celina Police and reporting the situation….stating that there had been menacing threats and harassment made to the manager during and after that time.

Complete Celina Police Department reportCVS report

The situation has gained steam on social media and regional news media since the posting took place.

WHIO News Center 7 comment from CVS

Mike DeAngelis, senior director of corporate communications for CVS

“We are committed to ensuring that every customer receives courteous, outstanding service in our stores and we apologize to Mr. Regedanz and his mother for their recent experience. We are fully investigating this matter and contacting him directly to learn more about his version of what occurred.”