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(10-15-19) Wright State University President Dr. Cheryl B. Schrader sent out a letter today announcing they she will retire at the end of 2019. Schrader has a year of discontent in several areas including a professor strike. Her time at WSU will end just a little over 2years after she took the position.

Dear Wright State Partners and Friends,

I am announcing today my plan to retire from the position of President of Wright State University, effective December 31, 2019. During the next few months I will assist the Board of Trustees to ensure a smooth transition.

When I joined Wright State on July 1, 2017, my priorities were necessarily focused on immediate financial recovery and long-term fiscal sustainability; administrative transparency; and campus conversation. I am pleased and proud to report that due to the hard work and tremendous effort, not to mention great sacrifice offered up by everyone associated with this campus community, we have accomplished much.

We are now on much stronger financial footing. Strong budget controls and accountability measures are in place, and after many years of deficits, we are now posting operating surpluses and building up our reserves, which have more than doubled. The Ohio Department of Higher Education in the spring will announce our state fiscal score for the year ending June 30, 2019, which is projected to be 3.2, a milestone that has not been achieved at Wright State for half a decade. We have accomplished much. The university is on a strong upward trajectory and has a sustainable financial future upon which to build.

In addition to fiscal challenges, I joined the university during the midst of prolonged and public labor negotiations. Although they are now concluded, these negotiations were all consuming for many months. And this past spring, I, along with many others, returned to the classroom to teach—in my case in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. It has been many years since I taught students on a daily basis, and frankly I discovered that I very much missed the classroom, particularly the opportunity to help shape the future, and I found these times with students to be both joyful and energizing. I have served in university leadership positions for over two decades, including seven and a half years as a chancellor and now president, and so will take some time to retool in preparation for a return to teaching and research at Wright State.

During my service as President we brought together thousands of university stakeholders, alumni, and business and government leaders for extensive dialogue to capture the university’s potential. From these extensive efforts a strategic framework emerged that doubles down on innovation and partnerships in ways that best serve Raider Country and the state of Ohio.

It has been an honor serving as President of Wright State University, and my husband, Jeff, and I are proud to call Raider Country our home. I am looking forward on an immediate basis to spending more quality time with my family. My daughter attends Beavercreek schools and my son and family, including a newly born grandson, are moving to Dayton this fall as my son begins an engineering faculty appointment at the University of Dayton. We thoroughly enjoy living here and look forward to many more meaningful interactions with Wright State alumni, students, supporters, and friends.

My warmest regards as always,

Cheryl B. Schrader, Ph.D.
Wright State University President