Celina, OH – (10-4-19) Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey announced today his office has received word from the Ohio Department of Public Safety that his office has once again received a grant to aide our deputies in reducing traffic related fatalities and serious injury accidents in Mercer County.

The grants allow deputies to spend more time targeting problem areas while on patrol.  The grant is broken down into two focus areas. The first for $19,773.56, titled Repeat Offenders for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), will focus on looking for subjects driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol within our county. The second part of the grant, valued at $14,682.37, is State and Community Highway Safety. This part of the grant allows us to have our deputies focus on driving laws and ensure all motorists are safe while on the roads of Mercer County.

Sheriff Grey reminds motorists that texting while driving can be deadly. Please wait until you get to your destination to text. You may be saving a life.