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(9-24-19) Tyler Hines (23) of Celina has been indicted by a Mercer County Grand Jury on numerous counts related to incidents that allegedly occurred this past July. The list includes six grand theft auto felony charges.

According to information posted on Mercer County Sheriff’s Office inmate site:

Municipal Court

  • Misdemeanor-4th Degree – Charge: CONTEMPT OF COURT COUNT(S): 1 (already convicted)
  • Misdemeanor-4th Degree – Charge: CRIMINAL TRESPASS COUNT(S): 1 (already convicted)

Common Pleas Court – (scheduled for 9-25-19)

  • Misdemeanor-2nd Degree – Charge: CRIMINAL DAMAGIN/ENDANGERING COUNT(S): 6
  • Felony-2 – Charge: BURGLARY COUNT(S): 2
  • Felony-3 – Charge: BURGLARY COUNT(S): 1
  • Felony-5 – Charge: BREAKING & ENTERING COUNT(S):
  • Felony-5 – Charge: THEFT COUNT(S): 1
  • Misdemeanor-1st Degree – Charge: THEFT COUNT(S): 2
  • Felony-4 – Charge: Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle COUNT(S): 6

Hines is accused of taking items from the homes of local residents on several occasions and breaking and entering into occupied structures.

Hines is presently being held without bond in the Mercer County Adult Detention Facility and will be arraigned at a later date.