K9 Cezar
K9 Cezar

(9-3-19) On August 27, 2019, a Hicksville Ohio man was arrested after fleeing on foot while in handcuffs from a traffic stop conducted by the Decatur Police Department. The traffic stop occurred near the intersection of 4th Street and Jackson Street in Decatur, Adams County, Indiana. The subject was apprehended by Decatur Police Officers and an Adams County Sheriff’s Office K9 Deputy.

Decatur Police Sergeant Kevin Gerber conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle due to traffic violations. During the traffic stop, it was discovered that the driver and one of the passengers had outstanding active arrest warrants. Decatur Police Officers requested Adams County K9 Deputy Sheriff Bryce Kukelhan to respond to the traffic stop. Upon arrival, Deputy Kukelhan began assisting Decatur Police Officers in detaining the occupants that had active arrest warrants. The third occupant, a back seat passenger, Clyde E. Blair Jr. was also detained and placed into handcuffs. Deputy Kukelhan then conducted a free-air sniff of the vehicle using his highly trained K9 partner, Cezar. K9 Cezar alerted to the odor of narcotics. As the traffic stop continued, Blair Jr. fled from the scene while still handcuffed and was apprehended a short distance from the traffic stop.

Blair Jr. was found to be in possession of approximately 14 grams of suspected methamphetamine. A search of the vehicle was also conducted which resulted in paraphernalia being located. In total, through the continued investigation of officers and deputies, an approximate weight of 35 grams of suspected methamphetamine was seized as a result of this traffic stop.

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Clyde E. Blair Jr was arrested for preliminary charges of Dealing in Methamphetamine (Level 2 Felony), Possession of Methamphetamine (Level 4 Felony), and Resisting Law Enforcement (Class A Misdemeanor).

Jonathan L. Wells (driver) was arrested for an outstanding Dekalb County Arrest Warrant as well as preliminary charges of Driving While Suspended (Class A Misdemeanor), Possession of a Narcotic Drug (Level 6 Felony).

Jennifer K. Elliott (front seat passenger) was arrested for an outstanding Dekalb County Arrest Warrant.