Celina, OH – (8-6-19) Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey reports that his office is investigating an incident involving an inmate that resulted in damage to a cell door and an injury to an inmate.

On August the 5th, 2019 Kevin McDonald age 38, 509 S Main Street Rockford, was arrested by Rockford Police Chief Paul May for Inducing Panic, a Misdemeanor of the First Degree. McDonald was intoxicated upon arrival at the jail.

McDonald was placed in an intake cell, where he wrapped his arm with a blanket and used his arm to beat a window in the cell. After several violent strikes to the cell door window, the window shattered and McDonald split his arm open. Corrections staff placed him in a restraint chair to control him and keep from harming himself further. Once he calmed down, he was transported to Mercer Heath for treatment.

A report of the incident was completed and forwarded to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office for review and possible charges for damaging the facility.

Sheriff Grey

“In the last few years we have seen an increase in medical costs borne by the taxpayers as inmates harm themselves and destroy property, it is really unfair to the taxpayers.”