(7-24-19) Kingdom Harvest Ministries of Celina will be collaborating with a group of pastors and churches this year in the Celina and Parkway  School Districts to provide  RTBE (Released Time Bible Education) Class.

The Released Time Bible Education program provides the opportunity for public school children to be released to an off-site premises during school hours, to attend a Released Time Bible class, on an entirely voluntary basis.

On December 17, 2018, the Celina School Board approved a pilot program to begin this Fall for  Celina High School students. Over the last year these individuals, in partnership with local churches, have been working together to meet and design a program that would fulfill all the legal requirements. The RTBE program will be held at an offsite location near the High School.

Last fall KHM Bible Education classes were held for Parkway Middle School and High School Students. The program had 89 students registered for the Pilot program. The program was held off-site at the New Horizons Community Church in Rockford