(7-2-19) Yesterday in a Toledo Blade story, Toledo attorney Fritz Byers filed a brief Monday with the Ohio Supreme Court on behalf of The Blade’s parent company, Block Communications, Inc., opposing the censorship of Jeff Rasawehr’s online postings.

Byers, wrote that the Mercer County trial court records show no evidence of careful determination before issuing an injunction against the man’s comments. It instead ordered he remove previous posts and refrain from any future statements about specific relatives.

Byers stated the reason for the paper to become involved in the hearing:

“Whenever an Ohio court tries to bend or subvert that principle, The Blade believes it is obligated to speak up, in defense of its own rights and of the expressive rights of all others whose constitutional rights are imperiled.”

Toledo attorney Dennis Sawan who is representing Rasawehr told the newspaper:

“From the foundation of this country, it’s been understood that the government does not have the right to silence somebody before they speak for speech that is protected.”