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Church Photo by Jerry Deitsch with permission.

Seated front: Member Jerome Bollenbacher, Navy WWII. Pictured left to right second row Reed Shaffer – Army Reserve, Terry Joseph – Army, and Lowell Warthman – Navy Submarine – who are trustees of the Legion accepting the money,members: Duane Linn – Marines, and Dennis Laffin – Army;

Back row left to right: members Marvin Schaadt – Army
National Guard, Jerry Bollenbacher – Army, Jerry Schaadt – Marines, and Hugh (Gary) Deitsch – Army.

Members of the St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, on Sunday, June 23, 2019, donated money to the Rockford Veterans Memorial Fund. Donations came from members as well as the Consistory and the Women’s Guild and were presented in honor/memory of their church members/family who are and were Veterans and for all Veterans who served.

TheRockford American Legion Post 508 and the Rockford Bicentennial Committee appreciate this generous donation.