Dalton Shank (14) and Landin Caudill (10)

(6-3-19)  Two boys from Shelby County (Ohio) lost their lives due to the injuries they suffered on Sunday after sustaining extensive third-degree burns on their bodies.  The fire that took their lives ripped through the cabin they were sleeping in.

Both brothers attended Hardin-Houston Schools,  Dalton Shank (14), would have been a freshman in the fall, while his brother,  Landin Caudill (10), was going into the fifth-grade.

Raisin Township (Michigan) Fire Chief Jim Hannah says that the fire continues to be under investigation by the Michigan State Police and Raisin Township fire investigators. Foul play and lightning as the cause of the fire, (which was originally reported to emergency responders), have both been ruled out.


The property which is located at 3855 Black Highway in Raisin Township , Michigan is located in a woody area accessible through a long driveway and has two residential buildings.

The four adults were sleeping in the cabin toward the front of the property while the two boys were in the back cabin. The boy’s grandmother heard a sound that sounded like an explosion where the boys were sleeping and saw flames coming out of the cabin. The grandparents were attempting to get the boys out of the building, but were having problems due to the heavy smoke. When police officers arrived, they were able to get the boys out of the cabin and informed dispatch that the children had full-body, third-degree burns and were in critical condition.

The boys were both transported to the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor by ambulance at about 1:30 a.m.

Funeral arrangements for Dalton and Landin are pending at Cromes-Edwards Funeral Home, Sidney.