Rueben Sanchez

(5-31-19) On May 18, 2019, a Logansport Indiana man Rueben Sanchez was arrested after Adams County (Indiana) Sheriff Deputies investigated a suspiciously parked vehicle in Berne. Upon further investigation, Adams County Deputies discovered the vehicle to be reported as stolen out of Logansport Indiana.

Sanchez was arrested for a preliminary Felony charge of Possession of Stolen Vehicle and Unlawful Possession of a Syringe.

Adams County Deputy Sheriff, Corporal Landon Wheeler, was on patrol in Berne Indiana when he observed a suspicious SUV parked in a business parking lot around 2:20 am. Corporal Wheeler knew these businesses’ to be closed at this time of day. Cpl. Wheeler entered the parking lot and approached the Cadillac SUV. As he approached, Sanchez exited the Cadillac SUV and walked towards Cpl. Wheeler. Adams County Sheriff Deputies, Michael Mendoza and Bryce Kukelhan also arrived on scene. Upon further investigation, the Indiana registration on the Cadillac SUV returned to a Dodge Ram Pickup. The dash on the SUV was also damaged. Deputy Mendoza ran the vehicle by the factory VIN and was informed by dispatch that the vehicle was stolen out of Logansport Indiana.

Sanchez, upon further investigation, had possesion of a syringe that was located inside the SUV.