(4-11-19) Auglaize County commissioners adopted a resolution on April 4th that authorized a Memorandum of Understanding between the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office and St. Marys Fire Department for the position of Tactical Medic for the Auglaize County Special Response Team.  The agreement goes into effect on May 1st with the first official joint training later the same month.  There will be two tactical medics assigned to each shift at the fire department.

Chief Ayers said :

“Having two SRT-Medics assigned to each shift will help ensure that we are able to respond quickly anytime that the response team needs us.”  “Discussion about having paramedics on the Special Response Team has been ongoing”.  Recently there was a discussion between Lieutenant Doug Burke, current Commander of the S.R.T. and myself. St. Marys Fire Department has been instrumental in teaching active shooter and Rescue Task Force training in conjunction with the St. Marys Police Department, Wapakoneta Police Department, and the Sheriff’s Office throughout the county for the past 4 years, so it would be a natural transition.”

Sheriff Solomon

“As Chief Ayers stated this has been talked about off and on, and we decided to move forward.  All EMS and Fire in the County do a great job of supporting our Special Response Team.  We work hand in hand on training with all Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS in the County.  This will enable immediate on scene medical assistance to S.R.T. any other Law Enforcement, First Responders or any victims, or suspects.  Hopefully we never have the need for this type of immediate medical assistance at the scene.”