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(3-22-19) A Fox 45 News story has some Celina residents buzzing today. The following part of the interview and (web) story is the focus of those concerns –

Tyler said he was shocked at the reaction he got when he brought his project to school, adding he went over aspects of it with his teacher before hand.

“He seen like how I was doing on it, what I was doing on it, and what I was using. I even asked him face-to-face if I could use an airsoft pellet gun, and he said no because we had a recent threat at the high school with an airsoft pellet gun.”

Tyler said he did not tell his teacher he was going to use the toy gun. (NOTE: paraphrased, not a quote from Tyler)

In a phone interview with Carlin’s lawyer Travis Faber about the Fox 45 News interview:

Tyler had approval to do the project and create a fallen soldiers cross which contains a representation of a firearm. The only direction that his teacher gave him was to not use an M16 airsoft rifle, but to find another way to do the project. To our knowledge, Tyler did not discuss the Nerf dart blaster with the teacher, but the teacher clearly knew there would be a fire arm component with the project and that Tyler would be bringing in a representation of a Fallen Soldiers cross. He even provided several pictures to the teacher of what such a cross looked like. To clarify, we have never stated that Tyler discussed that he was going to use a nerf blaster with his teacher.

Below is the approval from the Celina Middle School teacher for the project, which describes the battlefield cross.

(NOTE: the other student involved in the project and the teacher’s name have been redacted from the approval below)


In the original statement from Faber to the school board it does nothing to imply the approval of a nerf gun, but that the project had been approved.

The project that was approved had the logo below pictured, which includes the ‘Battlefield Cross’ –

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