(3-6-19) At around 8:30 am Mercer County Sheriff Deputies and local firefighters responded to a house (near the intersection of U.S. 127 and Ohio 707 ) after a semi-truck crashed through the front room of the home this morning, leaving the home severely damage

Residents of the home, Raeh Harrod and her two young daughters (2 and 5) are OK despite the close call.

Harrod told WHIO TV:

“It was just the hand of God protecting all of us. The 5-year-old just walked out of the master bedroom to grab a book and next thing we know the semi is inside where I was standing.”

The Harrod’s will not be able to remain at the home due to the extensive damage done by the truck.

The driver (name not released) was able to climb out of his cab’s window to safety and was taken to an area hospital at his request.

The accident remains under investigation.