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(3-5-19) Monday at 4:01 pm Darke County Sheriff  Deputies were dispatched to 33 Friar Tuck Drive to assist Arcanum Rescue with a male subject needing a possible medical evaluation.

When deputies arrived they made contact with the complainant who advised her son was inside the residence tearing it up. Deputies made entry to secure the scene for rescue to come in when the male subject came charging down the hallway at deputies with a knife.

Deputies immediately engaged the male subject giving him commands to drop the knife. The male subject retreated to a room off the hall way and shut the door. Deputies attempted to communicate with the subject with no reply.

Deputies then set up a parameter around the residence and began trying the make contact with the subject again over the PA system. After several attempts the subject appeared at the doorway firing an air pistol at deputies.

Deputies gave orders to the male to drop the pistol, which he then threw towards the deputies and brandished a knife. After being ordered to drop the knife the male subject threw the knife on the ground and began to approach the deputies in an aggressive manner.

Deputies then deployed a taser to take the subject into custody without any further incident. Arcanum Rescue was immediately called to the scene to treat the male subject and transport him to Wayne Hospital for an evaluation.