2019 spelling bee

(2-5-19) Last night at the CHS Lecture Hall Celina IC 6th grader Ryan Wibbenmeyer won the 44th Annual Celina City Spelling Bee by spelling the final word in round 22 EXECRATIONS.

The noun execration means an angry denouncement or curse. A protester’s furious execration of the police might end up getting her arrested. Use the word execration when you talk about something that’s yelled or muttered angrily. … The root word is execrari, which means “to hate or curse” in Latin.

For Wibbenmeyer it was a repeat performance as he defended his title from last year. Wibbenmeyer now moves on to the regional spelling bee competition to be held on March 9th.

video courtesy Celina City Schools

The 44th annual Celina School District Spelling Bee took place Monday evening in the CHS Lecture Hall. Congratulations to all of this years participants. The final word in round 22 was EXECRATIONS, correctly spelled by 6 grade student Ryan Wibbenmeyer