(8-8-18) The following comes from the Rockford council minutes from last night’s meeting:

Visitors to Address Council:

Mary Beougher –  Lived here a long time, TJ’s in business a long time without liquor permit and made it fine.  We have 4 places that already sell in a 2 block area.   We appreciate the stores we have and want them to remain successful.

We don’t need another place to sell liquor in such a small town.

Ken Kilgore of Rockford RoadDog / Duncan Oil – 12 + years.  Family owned company with hands on owners purchased TJ’s 3 months ago.   Want to make a lot of improvements to be able to compete in the business.  Planning to add a well-known taco/burrito franchise, do renovations inside and outside.  Wanting to compete with the truck-stop business where people are looking for one stop shopping.  We want to be a part of the community in the future and whether this goes through or not we need community support.

Brenda Barker – Same feelings as Mary.  We need businesses that are already here to remain successful.  Had problems with the people going around asking for signatures on a petition –  Mom 90 years old was talked into signing something she didn’t even know what it was for.  Evidently was for Sunday sales ?

Yvonne Patch –  Same feelings – didn’t appreciate the petition going around for Sunday Sales before they even knew the outcome of the meeting.

Barry Peel Sr. –  Yes – has a vested interest in Rockford, but what is good for the citizens of Rockford.  Question to those in attendance to come up with 1 positive reason to approve permit?  If approved would just cut the pie into 5 slices instead of 4.   Doesn’t feel it would actually bring more revenue to the village.   If they succeed and takes out one of the other 4 businesses then Rockford is losing instead of gaining.  We already have enough places to purchase liquor.

Ken Kilgore – feels positive of increase of business in Rockford.  Would cement the corner as an established place to do business as a one stop shopping instead of going to several locations for needs for those traveling and living in the village.

Jennifer Miller – works at the Eagles and has talked to a lot of people doesn’t seem to be any positives.  Tom and Joyce ran a successful business for 30 years without permit.  Again we already have 4 places for carry out and several sit down places that serve liquor.   We don’t want a Walmart type business coming in and putting the other establishments out of business.

Barry Peel Sr. – would like to ask again – can anyone come up with 1 positive for allowing the permit ?

Gehle –  Thank you to everyone coming and voicing your thoughts and concerns.  We appreciate your interest in the community.

Rules Committee:      Brad Now  

Duncan Oil / Rockford RoadDog has requested a TREX transfer for a liquor permit to the Village.     Council to vote on the issue to approve or reject the request.     Discussion:

Gehle did some research and feels that competition in business is good, however, Mercer County has already decided that we have enough liquor permits based on our population and we would be going against that quota by allowing a transfer to take place.   We are maxed out on permits and shouldn’t allow one to be transferred in.

Motion Pontsler to deny the TREX transfer for a liquor permit.  Second Gehle.  Now called for the question.  Pontsler = y, Gehle = y, Now = y, Young = y,  Heitkamp – abstain conflict of interest.   The request has been denied.