(7-30-19) The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook today posted a letter about a ‘rumor circulating’ about hazing incident in Ft. Recovery:


countycoverup.com has posted several recent postings on these hazing rumors, including audio comments from a local priest –

No mention in the Sheriff’s Office release about those stories from countycoverup.com.

However, he did make an audio statement:

  • Sheriff Jeff Grey’s Audio Statement to WCSMSTATEMENT

Story Updates

updated 8-3-18

countycoverup.com follow-up to this situation – Response

updated 8-7-18

Ft. Recovery Radio Facebook posting….

fr radio

8-6-18 countycoverup.com article on the situation Response

updated 8-10-18

updated 8-11-18

In a WCSM posting – Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey will speak at the Mercer County Fair, Monday night August 13th at 7 pm concerning the advantages and pitfalls of social media. In addition, the Sheriff encourages the public to speak to him concerning any rumors they have heard about him or the Sheriff’s Office on social media:

Sheriff Grey comments on the situationListen – Will answer questions on rumors

updated 8-13-18

countycoverup.comSherriff Jeff Grey, Thou Doth Protest Too Much