(7-2-18) Starting today Ohio will offer new driver licenses. It is all part of the federal Real ID Act that requires state driver’s licenses to meet new standards.

The Compliant card meets national travel security requirements and will be required to fly commercially or access federal facilities or military bases.

The new cards are sturdier than licenses in the past and will feel different. There is laser engraving and it will have enhanced security features and identity protection.

Don Petit, spokesperson for the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

“The photo actually appears in black and white instead of color on the face of the card. There’s some indentation and some raised information – date of birth that you can run you finger over and feel. It’s a much more intricate card and a much different look.” .

Beginning October 2020, old Ohio driver licenses won’t be enough to get through security for commercial flights. If you don’t have the new Compliant I.D., you’ll have to show additional documents for identification, even on domestic flights, such as a passport. All international flights will still require a Compliant I.D. and a passport.

To obtain the new Compliant card, you’ll have to show other forms of identification:

  • birth certificate
  • passport
  • social security card
  • two additional documents proving residential address such as a utility bill

The Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles will mail you your new license in ten business days. Temporary identification cards will be given to use in the interim and you will be able to keep your old license.

Petit said:

“We are actually going to perforate the word Ohio in the upper right hand corner of the card and that is in place of our old practice of keeping those old cards. That pretty much in recognition that there are some retail transactions that are age sensitive and some retailers may not be comfortable accepting a paper document.”

Your current Ohio driver license or identification will be valid until the expiration date.

  • The Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles has compiled complete information about the new licenses on their website.