Brittany Cousino‎

(5-5-18) Brittany Cousino‎ is a Parkway grad and lives in Mendon. She needs your help.

On her Facebook page she says:

I hate to do something like this. Makes me feel useless. But I have my boys to think about. So please if anyone could help at all we would very much appreciate it! Thank you!

To help out go to her  Go Fund Me Page

Hi my name is Brittany. I was diagnosed with MS in 2016. It’s been an up and down battle the last year and a half. Currently it is just a downhill battle. I can’t be active for very long at all. My head is all a mess. I just want to go back to work! I am not the stay home type of person. I’ve been a worker my whole life. It kills me not being able to do anything right now. I’m hoping that eventually I will find a medication that actually helps me get back to myself. But right now I am struggling terribly. No income really hurts when you have children and bills. We would greatly appreciate any help that we could get. Thank you for your time and have a good day.