(April 25, 2018) Wednesday at 2:44 PM, the Fort Recovery Police Department was asked to look into a Military Ordnance that had been in a family for generations. The owners wanted to donate the item to the local historical society but wanted to make sure it was safe before they made the donation.

Ft. Recovery Police Chief Laux went to 117 East Broadway Street, Lot #3 and met with the owner who handed him the device. The device was a Model 1907 M and was approximately 11 inches long and 3 inches in diameter, It is believed to be from WWI or before. Based on the information provided by the family it was believed that the round was a training round or had been made safe prior to being in their possession.

The Allen County Regional Bomb Squad was contacted and they also contacted the 788th Explosive Ordnance Disposal team from Wright Patterson Air Force Base since it was a Military Ordnance. Both of these teams responded to Fort Recovery.

A portable X-Ray device was used to determine if the device was a “Live Round” but the scans were inconclusive. Chief Laux and both Bomb Squad Units went to a remote location outside of the village where Wright Patterson Technicians set a remote charge and the device was detonated.

The Bomb Units after examining the detonation location that the Ordnance was a “Live Round”. No one was injured and no property damage resulted in this incident.

The Fort Recovery Police Department would like to thank the Allen County Regional Bomb Squad, 788th Explosive Ordnance Disposal team from Wright Patterson Air Force for responding and handling this incident with us. We were also assisted by the Southwest Mercer Fire Department and St. Henry EMS who was on Standby at the Fire Hall with Officer Wyerick and also the Dispatchers at the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office and Tom Risch with the Mercer County Veterans Service who assisted in making contacts and provided information.