(4-24-18) Van Wert County Sheriff Thomas M. Riggenbach announced his Office is investigating numerous thefts of mail from mailboxes. Sheriff Riggenbach said the thefts are taking place throughout Northwest Ohio and also several counties in Indiana. Sheriff Riggenbach stated the thefts are believed to have happened during the last 10 days. The Sheriff’s Office has spoken with known victims about these thefts. If a resident believes they may be a victim and has not spoken with the Sheriff’s Office, they should contact the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office at 419-238-3866 and speak with a detective.

Sheriff Riggenbach is encouraging residents to not put their mail out the night before it is picked up and to make sure they remove mail from their mail box every day. The Sheriff’s Office and other agencies are working with the postal inspector on this investigation. Sheriff Riggenbach is asking residents to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. Sheriff Riggenbach also provided information about suspicious activity.

How do you determine what is suspicious activity? A suspicious activity is when a person’s conduct or action does not fit the normal daily activity of your neighborhood, something that is out of place and should not be happening in your neighborhood.

If you observe something unusual or think something looks wrong report it. Don’t hesitate to call the Sheriff’s Office, you will not get into trouble for following your instinct.