(3-15-18) – Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey announced today that Captain Doug Timmerman, Detective Sgt. Megan Baker, and Sheriff Grey attended a Threat Assessment Seminar in Cleveland hosted by the United States Department of Homeland Security and the United States Secret Service in Cleveland on Tuesday.

Sheriff Grey

“As we deal with more and more people with mental illness in Mercer County, and we watch the violence that occurs throughout the nation, we determined that we need to ensure that we can assess the possible threats in our community.  The workshop covered stalking violence, workplace violence, school shootings, attacks on government officials, and other acts of violence.

The instructor presented on identifying persons of concern, gathering information from various systems that are key to the investigation, including social media and internet postings, and developing an effective management plan.  Other topics included paranoia, anti-government conspiracy theories, and narcissistic personalities.

stated Sheriff Grey:

“It was a very good workshop and I would encourage other Mercer County Law Enforcement and prosecutors to attend. Sometimes we develop the mentality that it can’t or won’t happen here.”