(3-8-18) Jay County High School like many schools across the country have faced social media threats since the recent tragedy that happened in Florida at Stoneman Douglas HS where 17 people lost their lives. Two Jay County High School students confessed to the ‘prank’ and said it was a joke.  School and law enforcement officials were not laughing today.

Jay County is taking action to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Postings about the incident have been posted on the Jay County Schools Facebook page, including recommendations (See below) from School Superintendent Jeremy Gulley on securing the schools after this incident.

From Facebook posting today-3-8-18

Recent school threat update:

School continued safely today. We had normal attendance rates and we appreciate how parents supported the schools and how most adults handled their social media posts. We share as much information as we responsibly can without making it harder for law enforcement to do their work.

Due to the quick actions of school administrators and the Jay County Sheriff’s Office, late this afternoon two Jay County High School students have confessed to posting the recent anonymous internet threats. Apparently, the two students claimed that they intended this all as a “joke”.

We are not laughing.

The two students responsible for posting the threats are suspended pending an expulsion hearing and the matter will also be referred to the Jay County Probation Office and the Jay County Prosecutor’s Office.

We are grateful to the brave students who “saw something” and “said something” and the school officials and police who “did something”. We also thank all the town and city police departments who made extra stops and patrols at our schools today throughout the county.

We continue to assess that the schools are safe and we will maintain an additional police presence in the days ahead.

Yesterday’s Posting: (3-7-18)

We are aware of an unspecified threat circulating on social media involving our high school from an anonymous website. We take every threat seriously and evaluate threats in partnership with law enforcement. We have concluded that school can be safely conducted without disruption. In order to reassure students and parents who are naturally concerned about rumors associated with this unspecified threat, we will have additional police patrols at the Jay County High School campus.

This situation is similar to what is being experienced in schools across our state and nation. We have asked our students, faculty, and community at large to “see something, say something.” This has been done and we are responding.

We would rather the issue be dealt with immediately. We all send our kids into the unknown everyday and we ask you to have faith in the people who watch over them. We refer to your kids as “our” kids. Our job is to handle the situation.

We will continue to monitor this concern and communicate with you appropriately. As always, students and parents with information or concerns related to school safety are encouraged to contact school administrators or local law enforcement officials. We ask that everyone use judgement in what is shared on social media.


Plans to incorporate a policy to keep schools safe:

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