NOTEsome offensive language is used

(3-2-18) Ohio City’s Ben Reigle and his family moved from Hicksville to Ohio City seven years ago and decided to rent his home. After his renters let him know they were leaving,  what he found after they left was a BIG MESS. Landlords will sympathize after they watch what he found.

Reigle, despite being very upset, has a solution that he hopes can turn into a positive.

Reigle told us:

My intent, once I have the definitive word from my attorney, I will be taking all the non scrap-able household items and be selling them for a few dollars a piece or as bundles. All proceeds from that will be donated to my daughter’s campaign for Relay for Life in Defiance County.

Landlords face many issues, in the Celina City Council minutes from 2-12-18 an issue was brought up why a landlord is responsible for delinquent utility bills:


The issue that happens in this situation and other ones like it is a national issue.