(2-26-18) Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education is pleased to announce the 2018 Educator Award Winners.

Jared Ebbing has served as Mercer County’s Economic Development Director since   2009. He has worked closely with Tri Star Career Compact during his tenure, supporting   many initiatives. He created the Hometown Opportunity Website, a job board where   companies post positions, job-seekers can search for employment opportunities, and   students can find job shadowing experiences. Communication and cooperation between   education and industry has increased immensely because of this initiative. Jared also   serves as a STEM Robotics Coach for Coldwater Schools, helped create a Workforce   Development Initiative for Auglaize and Mercer Counties, provides individual STEM   grants to every Mercer County School District, and provided $25,000 of economic   development funds to purchase a robot for Tri Star’s REC Tech program. Jared has   shown his strong dedication and passionate support for career technical education   through his many initiatives and presentations to students, administrators, teachers, and   counselors.