From Celina Police Chief Tom Wale –

(2-23-18) This morning the Celina High School had a Lockdown DRILL.  It was clearly announced as a drill to the student population and staff over the public address system.

A student decided to send out a text to an individual outside of the school stating there was a lockdown.  In the text exchange the student stated that there was a gun in the school.  There was NO gun in the school.

This information was subsequently given to the Celina Police Department.  An immediate check was done at the high school and all was found to be safe.  The rumor went out over social media and caused multiple calls to all of the Celina schools from parents and concerned individuals.

The student is being disciplined by the Celina City Schools and the investigation is ongoing.  Any charges which can be filed against the student responsible will be requested by the Celina Police Department.