Grand Lake Fan Expo is Celina, Ohio’s first and only comic convention, which is brought to the Grand Lake area through a partnership with Rival Comics and the Mercer County District Library with the intent of encouraging children to pursue their creative interests such as writing and illustration, improving childhood literacy, and, naturally, to help build a community of comic and sci-fi fans, creators, and vendors in the Grand Lake area. The first annual event will be held on 8/18/18 during the library’s normal operating hours of 9AM-5PM at the Mercer County District Library and the Richardson-Bretz Building, which is located directly behind the library on Fulton Street. The event is free for the whole family, and food vendors will be available for lunch and throughout the day.

What to expect at Grand Lake Fan Expo: The expo will be fun for all ages with a variety of products, demonstrations, workshops, contests, and activities for folks to take part in. There are several comic book (Aw Yeah Comics, Alter Ego Comics, etc.), toy, and craft vendors scheduled to offer a variety of products. Several costumed groups (Defiance County Ghostbusters, ADAMS Entertainment, Nobody Special Cosplay, etc.) from Ghostbusters and superheroes to children’s cartoon characters will be walking around the convention and providing photo opportunities. Local artists and comic creators will be showing off their work at their booths, and teaching interested folks how to create art, comics, or cosplay costumes through their workshops and panels. And attendees will be able to sign up to participate in contests such as a cosplay contest and fan art contest, with prizes planned for the winners. There will also be plenty of activities for the kids throughout the day.

We are currently seeking additional talent for booths and workshops, as well as sponsors to help fund the event. If you are an artist, creator, fan group, etc., and you’re interested in having a booth at the convention or setting up a demonstration or workshop to show off your trade, you can contact us through our Facebook page (search Grand Lake Fan Expo), or through our website at If you’re an individual or local business who would like to support the event financially or by donating prizes, you can contact Steven Severt at There will be incentives for corporate sponsors. We definitely need the help of local businesses and interested individuals to help make the event a success!