Jesse Steiner

UPDATED 11-25-18 –

The Springfield News-Sun obtained a letter through a public records request from the Northwestern board of education to Steiner that included information of the investigation against him.

Complete Story- School board: NW superintendent intimidated, berated staff in public

Portions of the letter obtained:

“The investigator interviewed over 30 people, including you, to determine whether or not there was merit to the allegations … The investigation revealed that on numerous occasions you have acted in a verbally aggressive, intimidating and angry manner in your dealings with others in the workplace,”

“The investigator informed us that this school year has had several notable reports of instances of you acting in an intimidating and angry manner at work,” it says. “We heard reports that you have been overly confrontational with employees and that you would ‘blow-up’ at them. We learned of reports that you would yell at, berate and become extremely agitated with employees if you believed they had not acted in accordance with your expectations.”

“At our June 2017 board meeting, we specifically counseled you about raising your voice to administrators and other staff members. We advised you that we would not tolerate unprofessional treatment of our employees, regardless of the circumstances.”

(11-24-18) Northwestern School District Superintendent Jesse Steiner can return to work Febuary 1st,  following more than two months of being placed on paid administrative leave since November 27th.

Last night the Northwestern Board of Education met during a special meeting and voted unanimously on a resolution that says that Steiner acted inappropriately but that he would be allowed to go back to work.

Steiner was the former Celina City Schools Superintendent before taking the Northwestern position.

Northwestern School Board Resolution: