Mary Heller
Mary Heller

(9-29-17) – Mary Heller, Decatur, Indiana, has been charged with felony neglect after police found two teenage girls in a home in the 1000 block of Twin Lakes Drive, Decatur in a inhumane situation.

Twin Lakes Drive
1000 block of Twin Lakes, Drive

The investigation started in early 2017, when Decatur Police received a report of possible neglect of two teenage girls who did not have food in their home.

When the two women arrived at the home, to check on the girls, they found the windows covered in white butcher paper.  One of the two teenage girls in question, answered the door according to an affidavit her condition was said to be:

“very skinny, having a pale looking complexion, greasy long black hair, and her lips were dry and cracked”

The affidavit also stated about the house condition:

  “foul, strong odor,” and was unkempt

brown colored smelly stains” on carpets, a clogged toilet and a broken refrigerator,


The two girls, the older girl (19) was from China and the younger girl (15) was from Mongolia, they were both pulled out the Bellmont school in 2nd grade. The girls were enrolled at Belmont Middle School after the investigation. But according to teachers:

“lacked the basic concept about school”

The girls have been placed into the custody of Child Protective Services.


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