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Tyler Jarrell
Tyler Jarrell

Tyler Jarrell, 18, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio lost his life in the Fire Ball at the Ohio State Fair last . Jarrell was thrown into the air when part of the ride snapped and came down and was killed upon impact from the violent drop.

Keziah Lewis, 19, Columbus was Tyler’s girlfriend, was also on the  ride and she learned of Tyler’s death after waking up at the hospital after she had undergone surgery for her injuries.

Jarrell Facts

  • graduated this year from Franklin Heights
  • enlisted in the Marines, five days ago
  • went to the fair after attending his girlfriend’s  grandfather’s funeral

Names of those on the ride –

  • Tyler Jarrell, 18, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio (killed in accident)
  • Keziah Lewis, 19, of Columbus (Jarrell’s girlfroiend)
  • Tamika Dunlap, 36, of Reynoldsburg
  • Russell Franks, 42, of Columbus
  • Jacob Andrews, 22, of Pataskala
  • Jennifer Lambert, 18, of Columbus
  • Abdihakim Hussein, 19, of Columbus.
  • 14 year old boy – name withheld

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Columbus Division of Fire says one person is dead (18 years old), five critically injured, and two (one is 13 years old) are in stable condition.

Viewer discretion ADVISEDfootage of the accident

Governor John Kaisch said he will be at the fair today and will visit the ride sites around the fair.

“Make no mistake about it. It is a very sad night.”

Governor Kasich also ordered that all rides remain closed until they have been reinspected.

“We will get to the bottom of this. We will investigate it. There will be transparency,”

“I want to know immediately is what are we doing with our rides.”

(7-26-17) Opening day at the Ohio State Fair has taken a tragic turn.  Amusements of America‘s Fire Ball ride according to several sources, has malfunctioned. Witnesses on Twitter said an arm of a ride appeared to fly off the Fire Ball ride, flinging at least one rider to the ground, killing one and injuring six.

According to ride company web site the Fire Ball combines swinging and spinning action all in one ride! Since it’s debut in 2002, the Fire Ball has become one of the most popular thrill rides on the AOA Midway. The Fire Ball swings riders 40′ above the midway while spinning them at 13 revolutions per minute.

You Tube video of the Fire Ball Ride from Amusements of America –

The Ohio Department of Agriculture Inspectors are responsible for checking rides before, during and after set-up. Not only do they check if the ride is properly constructed, but inspectors will also check safety systems and restraint mechanisms.

Michael Vartorella, chief inspector of amusement ride safety for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, before the fair started, told the Columbus Dispatch in a story about the safety of rides at the Fair.

“We’re looking at several different things. We look at it when it’s static, or when it’s actually on the truck. As they put it up we’re watching them do it, looking at it two or three times. When they are actually up themselves, we are going to operate them to make sure they are meeting its specifications.”

Amusements of America Safety Policy is listed on their web site.

Twitter pictures from the Fair and ride site –