(4-3-23) The Celina FFA has been very busy over the last month! The Equine Management CDE requires students to identify various types of equine tack and equipment, evaluate different types of hay, place 4 classes of western or english horses, as well as take a written exam.  Team members include: Gaven Welling, Natalie Rider, Melanie Buschor and Harley Thomas.

Harley Thomas, Gaven Welling, Natalie Rider, and Melanie Buschor

At their first competition in March, The equine team attended the Aggies Equine Management competition hosted by Wilmington College.  Melanie Buschor placed 8th out of 249 individuals. 

Buschor and Rider

The equine team then continued onto the Indian Lake competition where the team as a whole placed third out of 28 teams with Natalie Rider placing 2nd and Melanie Bushor placing 6th individually in the entire competition. The Equine Team also participated in the Ohio FFA State Equine Management competition where they placed 28th out of 108 teams. Melanie Bushor placed 13th out of 355 individuals in the State of Ohio. 

Front Row: Emily Welling, Riley Weitzel, Trinity Shoupe, Lauren Lochtefeld, Alyssa Stachler and Brianna Stacy

Back Row: Grant Adams, Matthew Albers, Ava Knapke, Josh Braun, Tim Novitizke, and Gavin Wagner

Ava Knapke

The General Livestock CDE is a competition where competitors evaluate live sheep, goats, cattle and swine in order to select the best market and breeding animals for different production scenarios.  The members this year were Ava Knapke, Lauren Lochtefeld, Riley Masters, Alyssa Stachler, Brianna Stacy, Josh Braun, Emily Welling, Matthew Albers, Grant Adams, Trinity Shoupe, Gavin Wagner and Tim Novitizke. This year, Kaston Eichenhauer graciously volunteered his free time to coach the Celina General Livestock Team. The General Livestock Team traveled to four different General Livestock competitions. At the Aggies General Livestock invitational hosted by Wilmington College, Ava Knapke placed 53rd out of 1078 individuals. As a team they then moved on to the State competition where they placed 57th out of 195 teams. We are so proud of each one of you!